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One year ago… we sailed out “The Gate”

We can’t believe that a full year has past since we left San Francisco to start cruising on our sailboat! We’ve experienced so much and all of it so wonderful: The emotions of leaving, the adjustments of boatschool, the adjustments of a life less “connected” but more connected as a family, the growth of world knowledge, the change in marriage dynamic, parenting dynamic, and educator dynamic, adapting to Mexico’s culture and food, meeting new and wonderful sailors/cruisers, and so much more I’m probably leaving out.  All of these had their ups and downs, but all transformed into good experiences and contributed to our lives in such a positive way.

My friend Lara interviewed us for a radio and podcast she does out of Byron Bay, Australia. I feel like it summarizes some questions a lot of people wonder about when pondering what the life of a family of 5 sailing on a 40 foot boat is like.  I posted the link on our blog and Facebook when it aired live and only on Facebook  again when a link was available to the podcast version.

Here is the link to the podcast version below. It will take you to the 30 minute interview. Our 13 year old daughter,  Nina, is interviewed as well and adds a lot flavor to the interview.


Anchored off of Halfmoon Bay, California (August 21, 2015)

Becalmed off the coast of California (Oct 2015) with Christian’s father, Gene Lauducci, aboard.
Ellamae posing with her polarized #teenytinyoptics glasses

Nina and Taj posing with their polarized #teenytinyoptics glasses

On top of a mountain in Turtle Bay, Baja Mexico (Left to Right: our crew Emma Casey, Taj sleeping on my back, Josie, Christian, Nina, and Ellamae) November 2015

Taj swimming in Chamela, Mexico (January 2016)

Barra de Navidad, Mexico (February, 2016)

Baja, Sea of Cortez, Isla San Francisco (May, 2016)

S/V Shawnigan with a beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Gigante Mountain Range, Baja, Sea of Cortez, Isla San Francisco (May, 2016)

My beautiful kids back in the United States (July 2016) Ellamae (8), Nina (13) Taj (3)


ship shape # 7

Hi all my ship shapers,
We’ve been keeping up with our ship shape but not with posting about it. Urg. We’ve been in the Sea Of Cortez enjoying lots of free diving, snorkeling, fishing, and hiking. We have also enjoyed the lack of Internet.

Here’s a few pictures from our satphone (low quality) with a few exercises to do on the boat underway.

Exercise #1 pull ups from the back stay. Not only does this strengthen arms and shoulders, but also gives your hands a good workout.

Exercise #2 chin ups from the Rat lines

Exercise #3 Toes-to-nose using whatever place (back stay for Christian, the dodger for Taj, I like to use the Companion way)


Toes to nose and chin ups


Backstay pull-ups

Easter weekend in the Eastern Sierra.

A little vacay to the Kiddoo (Josie ‘s) family in Bishop, Ca for Easter. We brought the boat from the hook to a transient slip over the weekend, so that we could have peace of mind while we were away.  While to boat was safely docked at Berkeley Marina, we drove (in the car our sister, Tara, loaned us) to Bishop, for a little vacation in the mountains. On the way over, we made a quick stop for a freezing dip in the South Fork American River,  and then later, a warm dip in Mammoth Hot Creek.  Friday night, we had dinner at Mountain Rambler Brewery and enjoyed a documentary by JB Benna called “The Long Haul” on treks of the John Muir Trail made in record time.  I just have to say,  “ultra running is truly amazing”. I need to thank JB for inspiring me to do some filming during our sail around the world!

My cousin’s brewery in Bishop, Ca “Mountain Rambler Brewery”

Saturday and Sunday consisted of Easter egg hunts, and family celebrating Taj’s 2nd birthday and walks in the desert.

Paleo Maple Cupcakes with Chocolate “buttercream” frosting and Maple Bacon frosting. Taj’s first cupcake and he LOVED it!


Monday, we made our drive home as a “field trip day” for boat schooling this week.  The Eastern Sierra is full of geologic wonders. We stopped at the Mammoth Hot Springs again for a quick dip in the tubs, then we went to Obsidian Dome for a hike and lesson on volcanic activity and rock formation.

Morning hot springs dip.


Ellamae suddenly turned into a Bighorn Sheep.

Nina and Ellamae standing beneath a spire of Obsidian and other igneous rock including Rhyolite and Pumice.

Obsidian Dome is one of many Mono-Inyo Craters