Monthly Archives: August 2014

Reinforcing the compression post

One thing you can never compromise on a sail boat is safety. We aren’t comfortable with how small/thin our compression post is, so we are putting in reinforcement! Here is the before picture. Project starts today.


Later in the day the reinforcement was in! Ellamae was excited for her new ballet dance prop.


…and we measured (note black markings) all 3 kid’s heights! It will be fun to see the difference after we’ve sailed around the world.


And our final step (day two) extra strength and beautification. And yay, completed in just 2 days! Great job Christian.




A weekend trip to Treasure Island

We just had to test our new Mantus 65# anchor in the lovely Clipper Cove @ Treasure Island. We have anchored here many times and have drug anchor with our previous anchor. NOT THIS TIME! Our new Mantus anchor set fast and held strong! Needless to say, we slept well.