Boatschooling Links

Click on the hyperlink for our post on Boatschooling/Homeschooling tips and what we do on our boat, S/V Shawnigan.

Listed below are links I’ve found helpful for our homeschooling.

Nadine Slavinski’s valuable boat schooling guidance.

Oak Meadow Waldorf School
Christopherus Waldorf Homeschool



4 thoughts on “Boatschooling Links

  1. Christine Cox

    Hi there,
    It sure is fun and very informative to read your posts! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. My family and I are hoping to set sail in September for our adventure spanning hopefully as many as three years. We have a 5 year old that we will be home schooling while we sail. Can you please tell me which home schooling program that you are using? My concern is we will not have internet access a lot of the time.
    Thank you so much, and as Modest Mouse says, sail on!

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    1. A Family Afloat Post author

      Hey there Christine,
      We primarily use Christopherus (Waldorf) homeschool curriculum, but really we use whatever seems to be working. I researched for the year in advanced and bought supplies for that year. But at 5, I would wait a year and see what seems to fit with your style? Also, make sure to see what your state requires. Some are a little more strict about homeschooling than others. Also, we don’t use Internet for school very often. A little more for the 13 year old, for her to research subjects, but rarely. It all depends on how much you want to do on your own vs have someone help/guide you through it. Hope that helps!


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