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Ship shape #4

Ship shape pose for this weeks post. Crow pose to headstand. Find other boat peeps and meet up for a yoga class.  
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Banderas Bay

We are having too much fun in Banderas Bay! Between Punta de Mita and La Cruz, there is no lack of entertainment. To make things even better, there is currently more than 20 boat kids here and activities for them everyday. Our kids are in heaven! Christian and I have also been able to get away a couple of time without kids! We actually got to surf together and go to the movies one night! (Star Wars 3D =$2.00 each). Everyone is so awesome and willing to help watch the kids. What a fantastic community.  Some of the Kid Boats here: Sangvind, Wild Rumpus, Pesto, Sarita, Kenta Anae, Mango Mango, Coastal Drifter, Agamére, Alert and Enough.

We have been in this area from the 11th of December. I think we will be leaving on the 27th to head south for a bit.

Again, I’ll let the picture do the talking:

Crazy science day with the Kenta Anae family.

Nina’s birthday cake!

Visit with Lisa

The Men from Resolute, Shawnigan,  and Sangvind went surfing.
Event at Los Arroyos Verdes
 Potato launch beach potluck
 Gingerbread house making

Dressing up for Christmas potluck

Isla Isabela 08-11/Dec/2015

It’s hard to believe that it was 10 days ago that we were in Isla Isabela. Time in Banderas Bay is primarily consumed with kid boat activities, so I haven’t spent the time to post. 

Isla Isabela is located about 70 miles north of Banderas Bay (aka Puerto Vallarta). The island is like the Galapagos of North America! When asked what our favorite part of our last four months of cruising is, we pretty much all agreed that Isla Isabela topped it all. (The kids of course enjoy La Cruz more, but that’s because there are tons of kids here.)

The island is a National Park, therefore the water and the land is protected. Isabela is a nesting and breeding ground for the Frigate and the Yellow and Blue Footed Boobie. There are thousands of birds, nests and eggs right now. The water is also abundant with fish and Moray Eel. 

When we arrived we were the second boat on the anchorage along with SV Sarita (to Nina’s excitement has 12 year old Katya aboard).  The next day we were joined by SV Myla, SV Ravens Dance, SV Pipe Dream, a French boat named “two brothers”, and another boat the next day.   The anchorage normally only holds two – three boats.  A few more boat swung by, but they either continued to their next spot or anchored on the East side on the Island.

Taj became famous amongst these boat. As Pipe Dream stated, “I couldn’t believe I was seeing a little boy climb down the ladder with only a life jacket on, hop in his kayak and then paddle by himself to each boat!” Taj would paddle to the neighboring boats and shout out while he knocked on their hull, “knock knock”! SV Sarita now calls Taj “the wave rider”. I think Taj was the ice breaker for all of us to meet. We all quickly became friends. 

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking for our experience at Isla Isabela. 


SV Sarita sitting solo at Isla Isabela


SV Myla


Hiking to Lago Crater and over to the other side.  




a day hike with Sarita


Bath time


dipping our legs underway


our Bull Dorado

“Ship Shape” post 3

We are enjoying our time in Banderas Bay. We have either been anchored in La Cruz or Punta de Mita. We have been pretty active surfing and walking around town. This morning Emma and I went to a free yoga class at the Marina Nayarit YC.  

We are still “on board” with our “Ship Shape”. So for this weeks post we have Ellamae demonstrating side plank pose. 

Side Plank is another good core exercise. I recommend starting by holding the pose for 30 seconds on each side. And repeat 2 more times. I encourage you to increase your time to 45 seconds or maybe more. 
Happy Side Planking!


ship shape post #2

“Walk the Plank” posting from Punta de Mita (Puerto Vallarta)

Plank pose offers a full body strengthening workout. Primarily targets the core muscles, but also work your arms, thighs, gluts.

To add an extra element, place a child on your back.

Hope you enjoyed last weeks post. Stay tuned for next weeks!

“Walk the Plank”


unwanted gift from Cabo

We were originally only going stop in Cabo for a quick restock on food and fuel. The stop turned in to a 5 day long waiting period. We chose to stay the first extra day to walk around and snorkel. That turned in to waiting for wind. Then the day we were finally going to leave we caught “la tourista” 😦 . Unable to get out of bed Capt. Lauducci was in no where near condition to sail. And for that matter neither were us to other adults on the boat. Since only the adults got sick, we are pretty sure it was the “rum horchata” we drank the previous night. Lesson learned, stick to straight up tequila next time! Luckily an (mostly) only 24 hour thing, we were able to leave Cabo on Sunday.
The sail over to Isla Isabella was the first 2 night passage we’ve had this journey. If you don’t know the passage, it’s basically from Cabo straight across to an island just north of Puerto Vallarta. The seas were steep and blowing a gale. Probably our “roughest” weather yet. We hoisted our staysail for the first time ever and double reefed the main. I love our boat, she’s pretty comfortable and strong. Not once did I feel scared. The kids went to bed at their normal hour without a hitch and slept through it all.
I took the first shift, 8p-midnight, and Christian took the midnight to 7am shift. Emma helps throughout. She’s great about offering and she’s always available if we ask her to be. At 5 am I hear a load knock coming from Christian out on deck. Immediately my heart jumps out of my chest. I don’t know why, but I always fear Christian falling off the boat. He’s goof about clipping in with his harness, so I feared he’d fallen off and was knocking on the boat. Thankfully this was not the case. It was however a terrible thing for a cruiser. The auto pilot broke! A weld snapped and was not immediately repairable. So, the rest of the night and the remaining 130 ish miles involved mostly hand steering. Not two days prior, we had ordered a new Hydrovane to replace our Aries windvane, which we discovered did not work adequately with our center cockpit configuration. The Aries was still available, and thankfully the winds were strong enough to steer us another 8 hours. But as the winds d
ied, we only had the option of hand steering. Our watches became more demanding, but everyone managed to do great.
Now we float, anchored at Isla Isabela. This place is amazing. The water is warm and the snorkeling pristine and well worth the hard work to get here. We plan on staying here a few days before heading to Punta Mita (Puerto Vallarta). Hopefully we can weld our auto pilot while we are there and have our Hydrovane delivered!


“Ship Shape” episode 1

A weekly digest of tips to staying in shape on a boat. Normally one exercise per week will be posted to with an occasional video. I will try to include some boat yoga routines. I call these “Boga”. This premier episode features a video of chin-ups and pull-ups performed in the companionway of our 40′ Stevens cutter sailboat and a photo of a mast assisted handstand with optional handstand push-ups. Hope you enjoy and subscribe to our blog for future post at