A family on a boat is a family afloat!
Our story on cruising the world with kids.

A Mom, 3 amazing kids (currently 19, 14, and 8) and an amazing Dad/Captain. We are currently (STILL) intending to sail our boat around the world. It might just be on a different boat or who knows maybe more! We started out of Sausalito in August, 2015. After two and a half months making our way down California, we left San Diego in November 2015 for Mexico. So now that we are “cruising”, our plans are “we’ll see” and “will be determined”. We crossed the Pacific in April, 2018.  Landed in  New Zealand in October 2018 and stayed there for 3 years. With everything covid and not being able t obtain residency i New Zealand, we decided to list Shawnigan for sale in New Zealand, fly back to the USA where we bought a new boat, Shuttleworth open35 Catamaran named Malihini.  We sailed her down to San Francisco from purchasing her in Portland, Oregon. We are now living aboard and getting her outfitted for more cruising in the future.  Current idea… Live aboard Malihini and work in San Francisco for about 2 years before setting off again for more cruising adventures. Nina is now in college and Ellamae is living with her father in The South. So it might be down to just the three of us sailing when we finally leave again. And we’re likely to stay near North America until Ellamae is finished with school.

Christian: Captain, Spectra Watermaker technician, boat maintenance, rigging and repair work, and super dad of 3. Contact: sweetaz101@gmail.com

Josie: first mate, mother of 3, RN NIC (Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse) and canvas worker. Contact @ josielauducci@gmail.com


Nina (now 19): maybe crew for desired stretched in the future?! 


Ellamae (now 14): deck hand, jellyfish whisperer and part-time mermaid and part time farm girl in Alabama. 


Taj  ( now 8): deck hand and the peaceful (not so much these days) and FEARLESS leader, born with sea legs.


photo credit to Geoff Byrne

Hailing port and awesome community: Galilee Harbor in Sausalito, Ca


Josie Lauducci

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11 thoughts on “About/Contact

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  2. Dini M

    Whowhoo, here’s all the best to you. We’ve been living aboard for half a year now… and what a six months it’s been! The sum of it all… LOVING it. And there’s definitely no better time than NOW to start living the life you dream of. Hope to catch you in the Caribbean late next year? xx

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  3. Jessica Hodges

    So grateful I ran into you all at the Looney Bean in Bishop, Ca today. I am inspired. You’ve reminded me of my dream to sail with my kids. Truly living. I hope it is a safe and amazing experience for all!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Fred Kowitz

    Your adventure sounds great. We are thinking about getting a Stevens 40 and would like to connect to learn more about the boat. We are in San Francisco. Fred

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Christopher

    Enjoy the adventure. We are now two years out with out two kids adn loving it. Thanks for you comment on our blog. We will keep an eye out for you adn maybe get to share an anchorage someday someplace. – Christopher, Molly, Porter, and Jack Barnes s/v Sila (currently in Mindelo, Cape Verdes)

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