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Birthday Passage

Happy Birthday Emma!
Our crew addition as of October 26th (over a month ago already!) is now 22! Emma has been an awesome addition to our family and we feel so lucky to be able to celebrate her being brought in to this world. We had a combo Thanksgiving And Birthday celebration on the 28th with our three buddy boat friends, Pete, Andrew, and Casey. Today we celebrate again more intimately. We left this morning at 07:00 by sailing off the hook at Magdalena Bay and set our heading for Cabo San Lucas, approximately 162 miles away. The sail will take us at least 30 hours. We will only be there for long enough to rest and restock before heading to Isla Isabella and then the mainland of Mexico.

We are limited on our posting ability, so I apologize for the lack of posts.


enjoying time waiting for wind

We have stayed in Hipolito for a few days waiting for some wind to take us south. Our first day here we went to shore and walked to the point to surf and tide pool. We talked with a local about where we could get lunch. He went home, made us lobster burritos and quesadillas and hour later drove out on the dirt road to the point and delivered the food! Amazing!!!! Cute little fishing village. We also spent a lot of time at the sandy beach. Perfect for kids. The next day we did more surfing and beach time. And again the next day. Looks like there will be wind for us tomorrow to get to Abreojos (open yours eyes), named that due to the many rocks and shallow reefs surrounding the north west entrance.

Picture is of Nina cutting onions with mask and snorkel so she doesn’t cry 🙂

#’s (3 month running tally summary)

Just a quick post of a running tally we have on days anchored, days moored, days docked, and how much we’ve spent on each of those.

Anchored: 69 days

Moored: 4 days

Docked: 17 days 
$ spent on anchoring: $159 (Morro Bay)

$ spent on mooring: $40 (Morro Bay)

$ spent on docking: $105 (Ensenada’s Baja Naval Marina)

28 gal diesel consumed 

Mexico check in expenses in Ensenada: $105 for passport/tourists cards, $256 for Port Captain fees, $60 for TIP card, and $45 for fishing license.

Help for Amateur Radio License and SSB 

We were having troubles obtaining our call sign and amateur radio license. I thought I had it all figured out and paid for with plenty time before we left for Mexico. Long story short, it was completed but we had a message saying that it wasn’t. We a made a simple phone call on a Sunday morning the day before we left to a man named Gary Jensen. We found him on the internet searching for ways to find out what happened and how to get our call sign and license printed out before we left for Mexico. 

He was quick to answer the phone and all our questions we had. He even ended up helping Christian out with some of our SSB trouble shooting. We highly recommend using Gary if you are having issues with radio licensing or SSB questions. He’ll even do all the work for you on the FFC website for a well spent fee. I did do the FFC application myself, but it was tedious and if I had procrastinated any longer, we wouldn’t have had it on time. So if you are one of those people who rather pay someone for the time to do the work than take the time yourself, or you waited until the last minute to get our amateur radio license, I highly recommend hiring Gary. 

We’ve made it to Turtle Bay!

We made it to Turtle Bay and it only took us 3 days shy of 3 months since we departed, and it still feels fast! We left the US three weeks ago and we’ve only made it to Turtle Bay. We were actually going to make a few more stops prior to sailing in to Turtle Bay, but our GRIB files that we downloaded with our PredictWind subscription gave us warning of winds that we would want to find protection from. 

Of course whether is always the number one determining factor on where we go and how long we stay, so we ended up moving a little faster than we hoped for on this first leg of Baja Norte. Never the less, we have been having a blast! We started buddy boating with two single handed Canadians. We like to refer to them as “the crazy Canadians”. Pete  and Andrew have been a hoot, to say the least, and super awesome to have buddy boating along with us. To make things even better, our good friend and old slip neighbor Casey, from Sausalito, sailed down from San Francisco and met us at Isla San Martin. He left Nov 1st and united with us on the 7th. What an amazing trek! 

Now we are a buddy boating group of 4! 


A sheepshead that Christian speared and Yellowfin that Emma caught!


Ellamae’s 8th Birthday!



Bahia Tortuga