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Oh yeah, first stop Mexico !!!

We’re not heading to Mexico until November, but after getting these cruising guides this weekend, it feels like it’s sooooo soon! We are so excited!  Our idea is to leave from San Diego after November 1st. We’ll slowly hop down the coast of Baja, taking about a month or longer. Once we round Cabo, we’ll shoot over to the mainland.  After a few months there, we’ll head up into the Sea of Cortez for hurricane season (summer).  From there, we’ll probably head down towards Panama.  Now, these are all ideas.  As most cruisers know, sailing route plans change all the time. 



Laundry day as “Anchor outs”

I’m not really sure what more to say about this in writing. I think the pictures pretty much say it all. I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out or the Laundromat.  Doing laundry around here is not cheap, but at least we can stick all three kids in one machine for a good wash’n (don’t worry, not really)!!! I am looking forward to when we are sailing south and practically living in our bathing suits. Hand-washing with  less clothes sounds a little more attractive.       

Pictures of our boat interior

I recently realized our blog is lacking in photographs of the interior of our boat. So here are a few…

The girls pretending to study in their room (the V-berth). Ellamae on the left and Nina on the right.

Looking aft into the galley from the main cabin area. Note 1 of our 10 surfboards aboard lashed to the ceiling.

Looking through the main cabin area toward the V-Berth. Note 2 more surf boards lashed up to the ceiling.

Two slightly different angles looking from the forward/port side of main cabin area.

And the Aft Cabin, where Mom, Dad, and Taj sleep. Apologies for the heeled over picture look.  Note 4 more surf boards at our feet. 

Easter weekend in the Eastern Sierra.

A little vacay to the Kiddoo (Josie ‘s) family in Bishop, Ca for Easter. We brought the boat from the hook to a transient slip over the weekend, so that we could have peace of mind while we were away.  While to boat was safely docked at Berkeley Marina, we drove (in the car our sister, Tara, loaned us) to Bishop, for a little vacation in the mountains. On the way over, we made a quick stop for a freezing dip in the South Fork American River,  and then later, a warm dip in Mammoth Hot Creek.  Friday night, we had dinner at Mountain Rambler Brewery and enjoyed a documentary by JB Benna called “The Long Haul” on treks of the John Muir Trail made in record time.  I just have to say,  “ultra running is truly amazing”. I need to thank JB for inspiring me to do some filming during our sail around the world!

My cousin’s brewery in Bishop, Ca “Mountain Rambler Brewery”

Saturday and Sunday consisted of Easter egg hunts, and family celebrating Taj’s 2nd birthday and walks in the desert.

Paleo Maple Cupcakes with Chocolate “buttercream” frosting and Maple Bacon frosting. Taj’s first cupcake and he LOVED it!


Monday, we made our drive home as a “field trip day” for boat schooling this week.  The Eastern Sierra is full of geologic wonders. We stopped at the Mammoth Hot Springs again for a quick dip in the tubs, then we went to Obsidian Dome for a hike and lesson on volcanic activity and rock formation.

Morning hot springs dip.


Ellamae suddenly turned into a Bighorn Sheep.

Nina and Ellamae standing beneath a spire of Obsidian and other igneous rock including Rhyolite and Pumice.

Obsidian Dome is one of many Mono-Inyo Craters