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Ship Shape #6

Sorry, I’ve dropped the ball on this weekly ship shape post. I’ve found that when we are anchored somewhere that we can go to shore and be active, my posts would be on a full workout and not just one pose. Maybe I’ll start posting clips of my yoga routine or something, but for now here is a snippet of another core exercise that you can hopefully find space to do in your galley or main cabin area.

For this weeks ship shape try doing BOAT Pose. Maybe start with knees bent and hold for 30 seconds. Take a 15 second break and go at it again. Do this three times. As you get stronger, hold for 45 seconds and then maybe 60 seconds. Also work on going from bent legs to straight legs. Don’t forget to smile while you are doing this! 🙂

Maybe take the knife off the counter before doing this underway. Yikes!


“Ship Shape” episode 1

A weekly digest of tips to staying in shape on a boat. Normally one exercise per week will be posted to http://www.afamilyafloat.com with an occasional video. I will try to include some boat yoga routines. I call these “Boga”. This premier episode features a video of chin-ups and pull-ups performed in the companionway of our 40′ Stevens cutter sailboat and a photo of a mast assisted handstand with optional handstand push-ups. Hope you enjoy and subscribe to our blog for future post at http://www.afamilyafloat.com