Captain Christian’s extended road (sail) to recovery -gofundme 

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Dear faithful followers,

After the last post  we realized we probably got to ahead of ourselves by stating that Christian had beat his whatever it is he’s been fighting for the the last 4, almost 5 months.! It’s been a rough go with good days and bad days. A mix of trying to stay positive about his sickness and realistic about it. Changing our sailing “plans” to staying put and then finally leaving La Cruz and now staying put again in Barra de Navidad. It’s a constant change of our sailing plans again and again to keep our focus on Christian’s health.

Thankfully treatment in Mexico has been relatively affordable, but over the months it has started to chip away at our medical portion of the cruising kitty. The cost it up to $3000. $1500 for past treatment and tests in Puerto Vallarta, which included a test for Lyme disease. And most recently, we decided to have Christian go to this really cool holistic treatment center here in Jalisco, Mexico. Another $1500. It’s no cake walk treatment center though. It’s very labor intensive, away from the family and not pampering at all and takes 7-14 maybe more days.  

We are going this route for many reasons. Many times health and diet are very closely related. Many years of toxic build up or parasite exposure can cause the symptoms that Christian has been experiencing.  All of Christian ‘S symptoms suggest parasite, but tests has not been able to conclude any of it. Also after being treated for his other infections with so many antibiotics, his gut could use an overhaul. We’ve heard good reviews of this center from a good friend of ours that went through it recently and are very hopeful this will knock out the rest of the issues he’s battling! 

We are asking for support for the little bit of medical costs we’ve accrued. If you are able to help, even if it’s $5 (that’s a few weeks worth of probiotics) , every little bit helps! Click here: Captain Christian’s get healthy campaign to feed/replenish the medical portion of our sailing kitty. 
Thanks in advance,

The Lauducci family Afloat on SV Shawnigan 


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