Good news!!!

Lab results are in and Christian is good to go! We finally kicked the E. Coli, Salmonella: Typhoid fever, and Rickettsia in the booty! Hopefully it stays away for good. Everything came out normal with his stool culture and 10 day blood culture! Yes, they did a full 10 day blood culture. 

His stomach is still pretty sensitive after so much inflammation and so many antibiotics, but overall his energy is back and we are set to start sailing again!!!

Thanks for all your positive thoughts through all of this. We were glad to be in the Puerto Vallarta area for treatment. Total damage was about $1,000. Not too bad for 5 days of IV antibiotics, many other days of IM antibiotics, and oral antibiotics, many labs and  visits to the doctor. This price included my tests and treatment for Salmonella as well. 

If you missed the previous post about Christian’s 3+ month sickness click here

Stay tuned for more sailing adventures! 

Family Beach Day! 1/31/2017


6 thoughts on “Good news!!!

  1. tglockler

    Awesome news!! $1K bill ain’t so bad. Sage got a handful of stitches in the chin that took 20 minutes, payment after insurance was more. Glad you had the experience and knowledge to navigate that situation, Josie.

    Time for a cold cerveza (or 5) to celebrate!

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  2. Mike

    Wow, SO glad to hear everything is good to go now. That seems pretty amazing it was only $1000 for all that medical care!

    Bet you’re gonna be glad to get back on the road….er, water. 🙂


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