Made it to Half Moon Bay

 The map doesn’t show us there yet, but we did make it to Half Moon Bay. We were under sail the whole way! Total time from pulling the anchor to dropping the anchor was 6 hours.  


4 thoughts on “Made it to Half Moon Bay

      1. Mike s/v FatDash

        Quite a while ago I connected my DeLorme inReach SE to Farkwar. I looked at Farkwar but didn’t really like it. I use DeLorme’s service. All I have to do is turn on tracking and I’m done. I also can send 40 text messages and unlimited pre-programmed (3) text messages. $24 per month but it keeps our family happy following us. It also works as a GPS for my old iPad.

        Here is my track at DeLorme:

        Also if you look at active captain you will see my track.

        Also I do not have sailmail but I have

        May our paths cross on our journeys,
        s/v FatDash

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