5 day countdown!!!

All the tanks (water and diesel) are filled and we are ready to set sail! I just have to work 4, 12 hour shifts in a row and spend Wednesday buying last minute fresh food and last minute purging of items.  Wednesday night is our “send off” party at Galilee Harbor in Sausalito. We will be having friends and whoever else wants to join us in potluck style and live music (Peter B. and the Harbor Rats) shenanigans.  We will have an abalone shell set out for people to place a bite of their meal in, so that at the end of the evening, before we cut the lines, we will make an offering to the Gods of the Oceans.  After we “cut the lines”, we will head over to Horseshoe Cove (the little cove at the North end of the Golden Gate Bridge) to drop the anchor one last time in San Francisco Bay. Thursday morning, we will head out after breakfast with a max ebb around 8:30 am. If you happen to be on the Golden Gate Bridge, keep your eyes out for us! First stop: Half Moon Bay.  We will try to update our positions to both Marine Traffic and Farkwar. Click on the links to sign up for email position updates.

We have been living “on the hook” for almost 6 months now. It’s hard to believe that this day is finally arriving! My commute to work for the last six month has been a 0.5 – 0.75 miles paddle to shore, then a 12.5 mile bike ride each way. Although challenging at times, overall it has been very rewarding and enjoyable.  Today is my last round trip ride from Sausalito!


8 thoughts on “5 day countdown!!!

  1. JD

    We’re so glad we met you guys and got to hang out for a while! We’re going to try to join you in as many of your departure festivities as possible. Definitely the Ramp, probably Galilee and we may be able to join along beside you toward Half Moon Bay. Let us know if you need any help tying up loose ends!

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  2. Mike s/v FatDash

    We are currently headed down the coast. We left the first of August. Half Moon Bay was the smoothest anchorage and we really enjoyed it. Next stop was Capitola and when we got there there was a NW swell but it changed to a SE swell. Rolly. On to Monterey and all the sights there. We are currently at San Simeon and are loving it. Well protected from NW swell. Baby humpback comes in every day to feed. Quite a show. Monday off to Morrow Bay.

    San Simeon would be great for a stop. Whale, otters, porpoise, and seals.

    I am posting a daily log at our web site.

    Wishing you fair winds and following seas.
    s/v FatDash

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