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On the hook update and first commute to work from anchor.

S/V Shawnigan on Richardson Bay

Our first night on the hook on Richardson Bay was seamless. The next day we woke up, did some boatschooling, then rowed to shore to go to the post office and get some groceries. We had duck tacos for dinner using our new 10 quart pressure cooker. Yummy. After dinner we cruised on over to Treasure Island to drop the hook next to two boat friends of ours. We’ll probably stay here for a few days.

raft up friends : Bob and Geoff

Today I woke up at 5:25 AM to climb off the boat into the dinghy with my bike. I rowed to shore, rode to the bus stop on my bike, rode the bus over the Bay Bridge to the city, then rode my bike to work. I think it was the easiest bike commute I’ve had in the last four years and definitely an adventure.