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We’ve made it to Turtle Bay!

We made it to Turtle Bay and it only took us 3 days shy of 3 months since we departed, and it still feels fast! We left the US three weeks ago and we’ve only made it to Turtle Bay. We were actually going to make a few more stops prior to sailing in to Turtle Bay, but our GRIB files that we downloaded with our PredictWind subscription gave us warning of winds that we would want to find protection from. 

Of course whether is always the number one determining factor on where we go and how long we stay, so we ended up moving a little faster than we hoped for on this first leg of Baja Norte. Never the less, we have been having a blast! We started buddy boating with two single handed Canadians. We like to refer to them as “the crazy Canadians”. Pete  and Andrew have been a hoot, to say the least, and super awesome to have buddy boating along with us. To make things even better, our good friend and old slip neighbor Casey, from Sausalito, sailed down from San Francisco and met us at Isla San Martin. He left Nov 1st and united with us on the 7th. What an amazing trek! 

Now we are a buddy boating group of 4! 


A sheepshead that Christian speared and Yellowfin that Emma caught!


Ellamae’s 8th Birthday!



Bahia Tortuga