this amazing small world

Today we sailed up from La Paz to Caleta Partida, an anchorages toward the north end of Isla Espiritu Santo. The wind was fairly strong from the South East, so it was a nice downwind run for us under jib alone. We considered sailing through to Isla San San Francisco due to the exposed anchorage, but chose to head in and anchor anyway.

There was only three other boat there, so we had plenty room. We recognized all three boats from previous ports, but had only met the couple on SV Nimue. Nimue had been sailing with one of the other boats for many years, SV Tango as well as the other boat, SV Shadowfax. We happen to be ease dropping on one of the conversations between Shadowfax and Tango when Christian put two and two together. He heard the names Vicki and Steve and he remembered Nimue talking about them being a fantastic boat builder from Florida. Christian’s memory took him to 1990.

Christian’s face lit up so bright, he hailed Tango over the radio and asked, “Did you by chance own a Bristol Channel Cutter?” “Why, yes we did,” was Tango’s response. Then Christian asked, “Do you remember a boat called The Walkabout?” “Why yes we do!”, Tango replied. Christian then came forth with, “Gene is my Dad!”. Tango was so excited, as was the whole Shawnigan crew. What are the chances of meeting a boat you sailed with from Cabo, through the Panama Canal here in Baja!? Christian was friends with their kid, Kane, at the time and they inspired the Lauducci crew on Walkabout to go through the canal and up to Florida.

We immediately hopped in our dinghy and went over for a visit. They had so many stories to tell about their buddy boating days with Christian as a 13 year old. What a fantastic evening. Thanks Tango!

Josie 5/16/16


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