Taj turned 3!

Well, the little bugger turned 3 and is quickly filling his daddy’s shoes. From skateboarding, diving head first into pools and holding his breath for which feels like forever, climbing up to the second row of our rat lines, to a new fascination for matchbox cars. Taj is definitely Christian Lauducci’s son.

We had a great day yesterday celebrating with our cruising friends in La Cruz. Boat school as usual in the morning, which this time included math and reading in the form of making GF Brownies! Yet another boat, Cat2fold dragging down on us, was successful re-anchored with the help of fellow anchorage peeps. Taj, of course, was butt naked on the rat lines, watching the whole process. Another reminder of how good our Mantus anchor is. Apparently the area in which we are anchored in is know for lousy silty holding. We haven’t had any issues the whole three weeks that we’ve been in his spot for our own boat, but this is the second boat that has been rescued from dragging down on us in the last week!

After the excitement of boat dragging shenanigans, and a nice windy and wet dingy ride to shore, it was time to prepare for the party. La Cruz Marina is super family friendly. With a poolside deli and picnic area right in the Marina, it is a perfect kids birthday party location. 10 other kid boats attended and more non-kid boats as well! SV Alert, Cape D, Cielo Grande, Coastal Drifter, Kenta Anae, Nomi, Raireva, Riki Tiki Tavi, Terrapin, Valella Valella. Also present: Sea Fox, Wino Rhino, Landfall.

Four birthdays in the last 8 months and I’ll be the last to have a birthday since leaving on our adventure. All have been amazing thanks to the cruising community. Thanks for all the well wishes. Looking forward to many more sailor/cruising birthday celebrations in the years to come.



8 thoughts on “Taj turned 3!


    Sounds like Taj had a GREAT BIRTHDAY. Question…what does boat dragging mean. Sounds like it could have ended badly. Also you mentioned Taj had a temp of 104 degrees. What was going on? Sounds like he’s lucky his mom’s a nurse. I love that you all live mostly in bathing suits. What a life adventure! Have fun and be safe. Love, Aunt Sue

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    1. A Family Afloat Post author

      Just a virus. Got a little nervous for a bit for sure. All is good now. And yes, dragging is bad 😦 hope never to do it. We have a good anchor. We call it our sleeping pill and boat insurance 🙂


  2. Malcolm

    thanks for the continuous detailed blog. really keeps us in touch with your adventure. looks absolutely enriching for all of you all. happy birthday to Taj. Kyle is 2 May 4th!!

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