Disculpe, quisiera dos tacos al pastor por favor.

  “Disculpe, quisiera dos tacos al pastor por favor.” (“excuse me, I would like two tacos that are pork seasoned and cooked over a fire”)

The food in Mexico is delicious. It’s fresh and most of it locally sourced and much more affordable than in the United States. Yes there is still food with a lot of stuff we choose not to eat, but there is also a large variety of “clean” food to eat. 

Here in Barra de Navidad, the local tiendas (small grocery stores) have so much fresh produce. We are eating so many more fresh fruits and vegetables than we did in the states. Nuts are harder to come by in large quantities, but we found some that are sold in their raw form. 

Beans and corn tortillas are pretty much a daily intake. Bulk dried beans are easy to find, cheap to purchase and super easy to make in a pressure cooker. I’ve also been making our own corn tortillas, but sometimes we buy the fresh made ones from the tienda. A dozen farm fresh, never refrigerated, eggs cost about $2.00. I mention “never refrigerated” because on a boat, eggs last longer outside of the refrigerator if they’ve never been refrigerated in the first place. 

The Carniceria (butcher shop) offers a variety of fresh local meat. Or sometimes just walking along the street you can find a local house selling their fresh chicken from their back yard. The Pescaderia (fish market) offer lots of fish and the shrimp for less than $10/kilo! So far, we’ve been able to catch our own fish. 


 Other fabulous finds on the street:

Pollo Asada (A whole bbq chicken) for 100-120 pesos, which is about $5.50, and it comes with rice, tortillas, salad, and salsa. 

El Riconcita, one of a few local restaurants who uses a tire rim to bbq the delicious food. 


   Between the three tables, three kid boats and four other boats (Agamère, Wild Rumpus, Shawnigan, Gene Butler, Chae Mi, Ness, and Fukngivr) 

The local bakery. Chicha, the mother of the house runs the bakery and her family helps out. They open the “garage door” around noon, when they sell day old pastries. At around 4pm the fresh baked goods come out!  Amazing cinnamon rolls, chocolate croissants, and ham, cheese and jalapeño croissants and many more tasty treats.    


“The tamale lady”. Rosa sets up a few tables to sell her homemade tamales daily on the street. She starts at 5pm and usually sells out by 7pm. Each day she has a different type or two on the menu. Somedays it’s chicken and sweet corn, others is pork, cheese and pepper, and pineapple. Each one is super yummy and they cost only 10 pesos each! That’s pretty much 0.55 cents each. It’s hard not to just eat tamales for dinner every night, the whole family can eat for $10!  


Hamburgers and beer. Hotel Sands has amazing burgers and beer from 7 Mares Cerveceria out of Gaudalajara.  Once in a while it’s nice to have a little taste of The States.  It just happens to be a good place to tie up our dinghy as well. The people who run the place are very nice and very welcome to cruisers.  

 Pizza. So far we haven’t really found a place in Barra that we love for pizza. Our favorite place was back in Chamela at Scuba Jazz. They make amazing pizza there. 

Coffee. Good coffee has been extremely hard to find. We wish we would have stocked up on it better before we left San Diego! Fortunetly, Barra has a little coffee house called La BRUJA. It is owned by a local gringo couple, who have it set up as a artisan coffee shop and surf shop. Pretty much a perfect combo for us. With a steady flow of smiling customers, you would think they are serving some secret happy drink. Between the good locally roasted coffee, fresh veggie juices, good salads and good vibes, this spot is a gem.

With all that said, it’s hard not to eat out all the time.  We do a pretty good job eating on the boat during the day with the occasional evening outing.  

-A family Afloat


6 thoughts on “Disculpe, quisiera dos tacos al pastor por favor.

  1. Brad

    So inspired by you guys! We’re about to sell my house and re-invest around here but it’s such a rat race. Maybe we should just buy a boat and start cruising!! wait… I don’t know how to sail.
    Christian, go get some pipes at Pasquales and post some pictures. The north end turns into a world class point on the right swell. Go get it!

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