Isla Isabela 08-11/Dec/2015

It’s hard to believe that it was 10 days ago that we were in Isla Isabela. Time in Banderas Bay is primarily consumed with kid boat activities, so I haven’t spent the time to post. 

Isla Isabela is located about 70 miles north of Banderas Bay (aka Puerto Vallarta). The island is like the Galapagos of North America! When asked what our favorite part of our last four months of cruising is, we pretty much all agreed that Isla Isabela topped it all. (The kids of course enjoy La Cruz more, but that’s because there are tons of kids here.)

The island is a National Park, therefore the water and the land is protected. Isabela is a nesting and breeding ground for the Frigate and the Yellow and Blue Footed Boobie. There are thousands of birds, nests and eggs right now. The water is also abundant with fish and Moray Eel. 

When we arrived we were the second boat on the anchorage along with SV Sarita (to Nina’s excitement has 12 year old Katya aboard).  The next day we were joined by SV Myla, SV Ravens Dance, SV Pipe Dream, a French boat named “two brothers”, and another boat the next day.   The anchorage normally only holds two – three boats.  A few more boat swung by, but they either continued to their next spot or anchored on the East side on the Island.

Taj became famous amongst these boat. As Pipe Dream stated, “I couldn’t believe I was seeing a little boy climb down the ladder with only a life jacket on, hop in his kayak and then paddle by himself to each boat!” Taj would paddle to the neighboring boats and shout out while he knocked on their hull, “knock knock”! SV Sarita now calls Taj “the wave rider”. I think Taj was the ice breaker for all of us to meet. We all quickly became friends. 

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking for our experience at Isla Isabela. 


SV Sarita sitting solo at Isla Isabela


SV Myla


Hiking to Lago Crater and over to the other side.  




a day hike with Sarita


Bath time


dipping our legs underway


our Bull Dorado


4 thoughts on “Isla Isabela 08-11/Dec/2015

  1. evsail

    Great pics! Those frigate birds are HUGE. Never seen a yellow footed Boobie— pretty cool! Have you been able to connect with any WWS members? Looks like this life suits you : )

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  2. sabarr2015

    Just amazing and absolutely beautiful pictures. It’s so exciting watching each new leg of your adventure. The kids are getting to do and see things most never see in a lifetime. They are so fortunate and you are wonderful parents to be giving them this unsurpassed opportunity. Love you all. Merry Christmas, Aunt Sue

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