“Ship Shape” post 3

We are enjoying our time in Banderas Bay. We have either been anchored in La Cruz or Punta de Mita. We have been pretty active surfing and walking around town. This morning Emma and I went to a free yoga class at the Marina Nayarit YC.  

We are still “on board” with our “Ship Shape”. So for this weeks post we have Ellamae demonstrating side plank pose. 

Side Plank is another good core exercise. I recommend starting by holding the pose for 30 seconds on each side. And repeat 2 more times. I encourage you to increase your time to 45 seconds or maybe more. 
Happy Side Planking!



1 thought on ““Ship Shape” post 3

  1. Katie

    Wow what a beautiful model ! Did you guys sneak into a motel ? Man I would love to be there about now ! It was 22 degrees outside when we did out Chipmunk walk ! Burrrr

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