How to raise monkies on a boat!

Oops did I say monkey?! I meant kids. Apologies if I got you excited to read about monkies on boats.  


Nina almost to the spreaders!


Ellamae not far behind, and Taj heading in the same direction.  

I love these monkies! 


4 thoughts on “How to raise monkies on a boat!

  1. Sailing Zoot Allures

    I think it’s so great you’ve got your children growing up aboard. They are going to be so “balanced” when the grow up. A buddy of mine has a couple of monkeys aswell. It drives me nuts hanging in their cockpit with one dangling on the boom over our heads! The sad part is seeing their friends not being able to join them, too afraid of taking 2 steps on a short boarding plank.



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