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Summer in the States: Impending doom and excitedness all at once!

We are crossing the Sea of Cortez again, heading over to San Carlos, to find a spot for our boat during the summer. 

Yes, we are leaving the boat for the summer. After all the unexpected expenses and the close proximity to the US for income, we chose to take the opportunity to escape the summer heat of Mexico and land travel to the states. 

I recently lined up a Travel Nurse position at UCSF for 13 weeks. I start at the end of June. This pushed our time in the Sea of Cortez a little faster than we hoped for, but you gotta take what you can get. Once we get to San Carlos, we’ll get the boat packed up and ready to leave it alone for a few months. 

Our plan is to take the 10-12 hour bus up to Phoenix from San Carlos. From there, I’ll fly out to San Francisco to get myself situated for work. The rest of the family will hang out with Christian’s sister in Phoenix and start road tripping around to visit family and friends. 

The plan is for Christian to be back at the boat in early September, to start prepping her for our Southern voyage down Baja and then across to Central America. I’ll finish up work and meet him there with the kids. Hopefully we can start sailing again by October 1st. 

Although we are excited to visit friends and family, we don’t feel ready to leave the boat. We love this life. I do look forward to working as well, but not to being away from the family. I know it’s worth it, to keep us sailing, but after so much time together, it’s hard to imagine time apart.  I’m hoping Christian and the kids can visit San Francisco often enough to get my fix in. 

I’ll be posting more about the last few weeks soon, but wanted to get this out. 

Talk soon.