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SLO to Santa Barbara

Our sail from Port San Luis to Santa Barbara was epic.  With mostly a beam reach and then down wind sail, we were able to “fly the kite” as well as sail “wing on wing”.  The seas were pretty flat and the winds were perfect. From Point Arguello through to the Santa Barbara Channel off Point Conception we had winds of 25 and gusting up to high 20’s. Perfect for a comfortable down wind sail around “the point”. We were originally going to leave from Morro Bay three days prior, but due to a southerly wind direction, we waited. I think we nailed it.

Once rounding Point Conception, we heading for COJO (an anchorage just west of Gaviota). Normally a protected anchorage, the wind had seemed to find it’s way wrapping in at such force, we chose to continue to the next safe anchorage. We sailed another 20 miles to Goleta Beach. 

Upon waking at Goleta, the sun was shining and the water was clear.  What we noticed with adequate lighting was that we managed to we’ve our way through the lobster traps that had just been placed the night before. Apparently lobster season just started. The anchorage looked like a mine field! It’s amazing that we didn’t snag any coming in the night before. After a few hours of breakfast, coffee and some boatschooling, a jump in the ocean was needed.  Warm water (high 60’s) at last! 

We were going to head out the the Channel Islands from that point, but with wind report was calling for 20-25 kt gusts. Although that’s not too bad for out at Santa Cruz Island, we chose to go to Santa Barbara first and hopefully hit good island weather afterward. 

Santa Barbara was only 8 miles from Goleta. We arrived by early afternoon with time to anchor and go to shore to visit a few friends. Christian’s Dad and my cousin, Joe, who both made the sail with us from Morro Bay, were safely brought back to shore 🙂 . 

Our time in Santa Barbara was too quick! Too many things to do and too many people to try to visit. Unfortunately, we didn’t fit it all in, but it we enjoyed it none the less. It was so hot and beautiful, it finally felt like we were heading south!

On Saturday, we heard the weather on Santa Cruz Island should be fair. We found ourselves having a hard the wanting to leave Santa Barbara. We felt like there were more thing to do and people to see. We realized that these feelings will probably come up often. It’s simply part of cruising. So, we left the next day. Here’s a shout out to the people we didn’t get to visit, “Hi, sorry we didn’t meet up. Come visit us somewhere along the way!”. 

We had a lovely sail out to Pelican Bay on the North side of Santa Cruz Island. Details await for the next post. 




Port San Luis to Goleta