Shawnigan sets sail to sell…

Wow, what an emotional day. Christian and crew, Nick, departed Mana Marina at 09:30 this morning to sail Shawnigan down around the south cape of the North Island of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and on up the East Coast to Whangarei.

The morning was busy. Last minute hustle and bustle. A trip to the market to grab more coffee and a few snacks. A few items left on the boat that we forgot to pack or unload. Some last minute visitors to say farewell. But that was all easy peasy compared to saying goodbye to Shawnigan. She has been our solid “home” for over 10 years! She’s been our stable and secure and safe place amongst all of our travels and uncertainties. Then for the topping on the cake, the final moments of saying farewell and love you’s and see you in 5+ weeks to Christian. Usually it’s the opposite, where I’m the one leaving to go work as a travel nurse, but this time I’m staying back with the kids to finish work as a nurse here in Wellington, the kids will finish term 3 in the local Waldorf schools, while Christian takes Shawnigan up to list with a broker in Whangarei and then fly over to the US to prep a new boat for us to live on. More on that later…

Here are some photos and videos from today. A BIG DAY for all of us. Some many tears shed to say the least, but also excitement and joy.

Go figure… the wind gusts came just in time for the high tide departure.

Oh and just to say… The first stretch of the journey is no simple one either. Happy to have Nick as crew aboard to help make it up to Napier.

Sunset off of Cape Palliser, New Zealand

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