Laundry underway

This is the way we do laundry on SV Shawnigan. We already are using a lot less clothes, so our laundry frequency is much less. Now we mostly need to do a load once a week due to Taj’s cloth diapers. Thankfully he’s potty trained during waking hours. Hand washing using the plunger washer is super easy and compact for boats that don’t have much room. The girls even love doing their own laundry, BONUS!

So far we have made it to Cabo San Quintin. Emma is still aboard and we are all loving her company. The six of us have been enjoying Mexico’s waters and beautiful coastline. We have been buddy boating with two other boat since Ensenada. Two Canadian’s, Andrew and Pete. Both full of humor, keep us laughing frequently. Our Friend Casey on SV Chi Mi, out of Sausalito, caught up with ha last night. Now we are a pack of four boats! Fun times.

That’s it for now.


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