We’re Famous! Well…

We’re famous! Well almost, Latitude 38 did an article on us for this (September) month’s magazine! Go pick a hard copy up at any Chanderly store or any other place that carries Latitude 38. We are in the “sightings” section (page 70,71 on Lectroniclatitude)! Thanks to Andy for the great write up and use of pictures! Love that picture of Taj with his TTO sunglasses! 



5 thoughts on “We’re Famous! Well…

  1. sabarr@frontier.com

    I might have already told you this on FB…so maybe this is a duplicate (old age what can I say)…anyhow I ordered a copy of Latitude 38 Sept issue so I can see the article in person.  That is so exciting and I’m so happy for you. Love, Aunt Sue

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  2. Amanda McCullar

    Hey Guys,

    Looks like the trip is tons of fun so far! Congratulations on the Latitude 38 article. I’m reading in as I write and wanted to check out the blog. I thought I’d see where you guys where because we’re headed back up the coast on our new Cal Crusing 36. We met in Sausalito about 2 months ago and we where headed south to deliver our Columbia 30 to its new owner in Ventura. You guys where helpful in going over the charts and anchorages since it was our first time going out the gate 🙂 We made it and are headed to SLO to do a bottom job and back up north to outfit her for Crusing south next summer.

    Maybe we will see each other? Where is your next stop, if ya know 🙂

    Let Nina know her sf hat looks pretty cool and the Latitude 38 article rocks. You guys are aweaome, HAPPY SAILING.

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