48 days until we LEAVE!!!

OK, I just had to put this out there… WE ONLY HAVE 48 DAYS UNTIL WE LEAVE!!! This is it, we are about to leave for our big sail.  We haul out on Tuesday for a bottom sand and paint and add a thru-hole for our SPECTRA water maker. After that, the boat is ready. Clean bottom and endless water!  I think after that, we are pretty much set to go! I will be making a list to post of what tech gear we have, and other preparations we’ve made for those of you who are curious. So stay tuned…

4 gal of Bottom Paint


3 thoughts on “48 days until we LEAVE!!!

  1. Hubert

    definitely curious and keep on posting!
    Am wondering at which point you will switch to “hours left” instead of “days”… 😉 48 will fly by, definitely.
    Good luck with the final preparations,

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