Post 42: Petaluma River Run – Part 2: There & Back

I will post more, I swear…in the mean time, I love our buddy boat, s/v gone tomorrow’s, blog post on our Petaluma trip.

Tight Little Tribe


I’m two days back to work now, from Petaluma. I’m readjusted and motivated, but damn I can’t stop thinking of the great weekend with our sailing buddies. My racoon eyes are shining pretty bright on my morning subway rides. I catch people taking glances at my silly looking face and smile at them. My bike rides to work are awesome. I climb out of the boat, step down onto the dock, greet the bay good morning and head to West Oakland. I hop on BART, dive down under the the water and emerge near the ferry building. Almost the entire bike ride from there is along the water. It keeps my mind on the sailin’ and the sailin’ on my mind!

Back to the river trip.

Our three boats creeped on up into San Pablo Bay until we spotted the wide channel markers leading us into the Petaluma River…

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