Boatschool report

We have been thoroughly enjoying boatschooling. I am frequently asked “So, how is homeschooling going?” My usual response is “Great! I feel like our family is so much closer and that we work together more.”. Then, I ran into a friend from our girls’ previous school and she asked me how homeschooling was going. Out of my mouth I spewed “It has been so amazing. I feel like we can now give our kids the unconditional love that they need through the struggles they have with learning and throughout the entire day. Not that their previous school wasn’t loving, but just that receiving unconditional love from either or both parents throughout the day and through their struggles is so important and so rewarding.”. She looked and me and said “Wow!”, and then she said “You should write about that.”. So here I am writing about it. I highly recommend homeschooling as long as you have time. Our kids grow so fast and we are so happy that we can be involved in their upbringing so intimately.

Here are some pictures of some projects we’ve been working on:

This was part of Ellamae’s social studies. The topic was “Draw something about your community that stands out to you and tell us why you like it.”. This is her drawing of our harbor at Galilee.

Nina finished her report on the Clark’s Grebe. Hopefully you can zoom in to read it.


And Taj is learning how to play. One day he’ll be bigger than our Mantus anchor!



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