We left for Mexico!!!

As of today, we will not have our phones that we’ve had for over 10 years. We are dissconnecting our service and will only be reachable by the occasion email and satellite phone text. Don’t worry there are ways to contact us in case of an emergency, but otherwise we will finally be dissconnecting from the everyday rat race. 

We will still be able to post to the blog and Facebook , but again, this will be much more limited. We will most likely do our detailed posts when we arrive in large ports with WiFi. While we are underway, the posts will be much more simplified. 

Here are some photos from our last few days in San Diego. I want to say a special thanks to our new found and old boat friends that spent time with us in SD! SV 4th World, SV Lightspeed, SV Nomi, SV Orca and many others, including Captain Heather Richard for visiting us. 

Emma was Wednesday for Halloween


SDYC pool time



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