Slow to SLO

Latitude said it well, we are definitely on the slow track to cruising the world. Our boat has been in Morro Bay the last four weeks. The first week of which we spent all together as a family, the next two and half weeks of it, I was up in San Francisco finishing my last 9 shifts, while Christian and the kids stayed in Morro Bay.  During that time a few other cruising boats with kids have trickled through, creating much excitement between te kids. Now I’m back and we are waiting for our weather window to head South, around the corner to Port San Luis. We are hoping to leave tomorrow, which will be the end of our fourth week in Morro Bay. 

Latitude 38 published another little write up on us in the October release. Well written, yet again, it states how Christian is pro at sailing slow. Check it out ! Latitude’s issuu or pg 124 in the hard copy! 


Stay tuned for more pictures of the last few weeks. 


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