Aquatic Park: a brief visit

We sailed over to aquatic park to “ferry” our friends back over to San Francisco from Sausalito and to “ferry” Josie to work for her night shift. Added bonus: a little “tourist feel” in our life.  The sail over was quick, with a 7 kt speed under jib alone, it took us about 45 minutes.

Rummer had it that the water temp was 66 F (which is hot for the bay), so Friday after Josie woke up between her 2 nights shifts, she went for a quick 1/2 mile swim, drank some coffee, then rode her bike to work.

After Josie was gone, and after dinner, Christian sailed back to Sausalito. Quick trip, but it sure felt good to re-locate for a bit.  I think we are getting antsy to leave 🙂

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