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We are proud to be sponsored by:

Mantus Anchors
Our best friend…A reliable anchor, AKA “The Sleeping Pill”. Mantus Anchors are an example of a modern design anchor with outstanding holding power. After this summer trip and dragging one too many times with a different style of anchor, we look forward to sailing around the world with a new 65 lb Mantus Anchor.

The sleeping pill of anchors! Visit http://www.mantusanchors.com

Christian is a Certified Technician for Spectra Watermakers!!!

Making salt water into fresh! http://www.spectrawatermakers.com 

We are excited to be sponsored by www.mysteryscience.com

We are excited to be able to use mystery science in our boatschooling bag-o-tricks! http://www.mysteryscience.com

Perfect glasses for active boat kids! and non-boat kids too 🙂  order your’s now from  Teeny Tiny Optics

We are proud to to be Supported by:

Donor: Renewable technology developments inc.


One thought on “Sponsored By/Supported By

  1. Ellen & Seth

    So glad you guys are Mantus Ambassadors too!! We’ve had such good experiences with our anchors this summer, including 60 knot williwaws in the Queen Charlotte Islands… Didn’t budge once! You’ll be stoked on yours after about one night 🙂
    On a different note, I’m getting back in touch with people now that my internet connection is more consistent and really looking forward to catching up with your blog!

    Liked by 1 person


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