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Help us stay safe! Things we would like to get before we leave in August of 2015:

—-Hey, our list is empty—–!!!!

Thank you for those who have helped us get our epirb and emergency life raft!

Our monthly payments for the Satellite Phone is ~$125/month (which is a lot when you are cruising).  Having this allows us to stay up to date with the weather (most importantly) and keep our blog, facebook, instagram up to date as well as keep in contact via text/email.  Thank you for your donations to help keep this going!

4 thoughts on “Donate here

  1. Jason

    Hope the wetsuit and Spearman work out well…. I will be cleaning out my garage soon, and am pretty sure I have some kids wetsuits and other goodies you might find useful at sea. No junk. Ttys

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