Oh yeah, first stop Mexico !!!

We’re not heading to Mexico until November, but after getting these cruising guides this weekend, it feels like it’s sooooo soon! We are so excited!  Our idea is to leave from San Diego after November 1st. We’ll slowly hop down the coast of Baja, taking about a month or longer. Once we round Cabo, we’ll shoot over to the mainland.  After a few months there, we’ll head up into the Sea of Cortez for hurricane season (summer).  From there, we’ll probably head down towards Panama.  Now, these are all ideas.  As most cruisers know, sailing route plans change all the time. 



6 thoughts on “Oh yeah, first stop Mexico !!!

  1. lisadorenfest

    Very excited to see your plans turn into reality! In my race to get across the Pacific I regrettably did not visit the Sea of Cortez but heard it is quite AMAZING. Maybe I will visit next time around (after I do the Indian Ocean) but will enjoy watching your travels there! Cheers!

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    1. A Family Afloat Post author

      Hi Mike! We actually found our guide from an old dock neighbor that we were connected with through Craigslist. Where are you leaving from? Hurricane season? You can give a shout out to Christian as well at sweetaz101@gmail.com. He’s more the pro at this stuff, I just write about it. 🙂


      1. Mike

        I thought as much. It’s been out of print for a few years. Charlie’s Charts sells their maps of Sea of Cortez. We will be leaving from Richmond in July and wander to San Diego by October. Get as much of the paperwork for MX done and head south in November.

        By the way I saw your listing in the Farkwar.com.

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  2. S/V Let it Be

    Hello Family Afloat, we got a notification from WordPress that you liked our blog. That led us to read yours and we have been enjjoying it. Our little guys are 4.5 and 3 yrs. old and w are currently heading north in the Sea Of Cortez for the summer. We will head back south in the fall. Hope to see you all out on the water. Our blog site is ohtheplaceswevebeen.com
    Best wishes from the crew of the Let It Be

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