Pictures of our boat interior

I recently realized our blog is lacking in photographs of the interior of our boat. So here are a few…

The girls pretending to study in their room (the V-berth). Ellamae on the left and Nina on the right.

Looking aft into the galley from the main cabin area. Note 1 of our 10 surfboards aboard lashed to the ceiling.

Looking through the main cabin area toward the V-Berth. Note 2 more surf boards lashed up to the ceiling.

Two slightly different angles looking from the forward/port side of main cabin area.

And the Aft Cabin, where Mom, Dad, and Taj sleep. Apologies for the heeled over picture look.  Note 4 more surf boards at our feet. 


7 thoughts on “Pictures of our boat interior

  1. elizabeth

    That looks pretty awesome! So organized! You all seem happy afloat….its great to see you, if only one n pictures. Let us know if you come back to the Marin shore so we can say hello. Emilio and I are in Seattle and I’m loving it. When can we move here????? Lol! Xoxo

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